Food Valley Bike

An itinerary between nature, history and eno-gastronomy

Food Valley Bike, the cycling route of the Lowland of Parma that joins Parma to Busseto.

Sport, culture and enogastronomy, all suitable for bicycle!

The itinerary of more than 70 kilometres set up a network of municipalities of Sorbolo Mezzani, Colorno, Sissa Trecasali, Roccabianca and Polesine Zibello, with a rich proposal of visits and tastings of culinary specialities of the Lowland.

A slow tourism that combine the pleasure of sport with that for cooking and art.

Bicycle, culture and gastronomy of quality come together in the Food Valley Bike.

The route starts from Parma, in the centre of the Food Valley, city of bicycle riders and temple of iconic flavours of cuisine, to get to Busseto, through the places of Giuseppe Verdi and of the films of Peppone and Don Camillo, of tortelli and salami, of cheese and of amazing protected areas.

From Parma, UNESCO City of Gastronomy and Italian Capital of Culture 2020/2021, known all over the world for Prosciutto, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and pasta, following the bank of Enza stream, pass through the town of Coenzo, reaching the Po River in the town of Mezzani, homeland of the Anolino, until Colorno, with its Ducal Palace and ALMA, the International School of Italian Cuisine.

Along the riverside, the route goes up the Po River to the West and the Land of Verdi, where the cured meats are the protagonists of the table: the Spalla Cruda in Sissa Trecasali, the Ciccioli in Roccabianca and Polesine Zibello where the king of salami is produced, the Culatello. You will arrive in Busseto, where you can taste the Spongata its traditional cake.

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